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꧁Free samples & free shipping from 45€

Recycled PLA

"Anthrazit R-PLA"

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850.0g | 2,13 € / 100g

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100% recycled PLA in anthracite. Made from strictly controlled raw materials. R PLA offers minimal shrinkage and very good layer adhesion.

Contents: 850g
Diameter: 1.75mm
Product Types: PLA filament
Characteristic: recycled
Color: Gray / Silver
net weight: 850g
Recommended printing temperature: 210 - 230 ° C
Recommended heating bed temperature: 50 - 70 ° C

Fiberlogy R PLA was developed to meet the challenges of a changing world and the ecological expectations of 3D printers. Fiberlogy has focused on creating a product that combines high quality, optimization of production processes and minimization of the negative impact on the ecosystem.

R PLA is a bold step towards greener 3D printing technology. During production, Fiberlogy uses 100% recycled PLA. The raw material is carefully selected and obtained only from verified sources to avoid possible contamination of the filaments. The strict control of the procurement and storage processes guarantees the highest quality of the end product.

Like EASY PLA, R PLA shows above-average properties. Minimal shrinkage and very good layer adhesion with high product quality at the same time.

limited edition

The accessibility of filaments depends on many factors, e.g. B. the amount of raw material available on the market. The manufacturer can therefore not guarantee the availability of the goods. R PLA filament may contain traces of glitter and will vary in intensity of coloration resulting from the raw material used in a particular batch.


  • biodegradability
  • Very good adhesion between the print layers