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꧁Free samples & free shipping from 45€

Easy PLA FiberSilk Metallic

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Original price 30,20 €
30,20 €
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850.0g | 3,55 € / 100g

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color: Blue

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Aesthetic look and easy to print.

Contents: 850g
Diameter: 1.75mm
Product Types: PLA filament
net weight: 850g
Recommended printing temperature: 210 - 230 ° C
Recommended heating bed temperature: 50 - 70 ° C

FIBERSILK METALLIC filament is the result of the combined and enduring efforts of the Fiberlogy team. Their goal was to create a high quality product that combines a unique look, high durability and easy printability. Fiberlogy's FIBERSILK METALLIC offers a unique elegance to the prints made with it. They feature a silky metallic sheen that highlights every tiny detail of a 3D model with all its bends and curves. Its aesthetic value is further enhanced by a rich palette of colors available. Fiberlogy has put together a wide range of vibrant colors for each user to find exactly what suits them. The metallic finish makes it easy to hide the borders between layers, making the whole print more uniform and expressive.

In addition to the optical advantage over conventional PLA, FIBERSILK METALLIC is also more durable. Thanks to the high adhesion of the layers, it can take heavy loads without tearing, and then returns to its original shape. The filament is easy and safe to print.

Tip: For the best FIBERSILK METALLIC effects, we recommend setting high airflow and reducing print speed during printing.


  • shiny, metallic finish with color depth effect
  • Good adhesion and low visibility of layer boundaries
  • high strength and impact resistance
  • easy to print

how to print

  • Printing temperature: 210 - 230 °C
  • Bed temperature: 50 - 70 °C (when using plates or other means of increasing adhesion, heating the bed is not necessary)
  • Closed chamber: no
  • Fan: 80-100%
  • Printing speed: 35-60mm/s
  • Retraction: yes, 2-3 mm

NOTES: The material exiting the nozzle will visibly swell while the filament is loaded or printed with. This is a completely natural effect resulting from the surface tension of the polymers that make up the filament.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
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Top Filament für geniale 3D-Drucke!

Das Filament ist der absolute Wahnsinn! Die Druckergebnisse sind der Hammer, da bleibt einem echt die Spucke weg.

Die Details sind so scharf, und die Farben knallen richtig. Meine Projekte haben jetzt das gewisse Etwas, und ich bin mega happy.

Was mich krass beeindruckt hat, ist, wie easy das Zeug zu handhaben ist. Die Installation war ein Klacks, und der eigentliche Druckprozess läuft wie geschmiert. Das Filament verstopft nicht, und es gibt null Stress – einfach auf Start drücken und ab geht die Post.

Mit dem Filament wird der 3D-Druck richtig entspannt. Egal, was für verrückte Modelle ich drucken will, das Zeug macht alles mit.

Alles in allem: Bester Kauf ever! Wer geniale Druckqualität und Null Stress bei der Anwendung haben will, sollte sich das unbedingt holen. Absolute Empfehlung von mir!


Easy PLA Silk Metallic