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Blackprint magnet system (BP)

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Permanent build plate praised by the 3D printing community


The most important point in 3D printing: adhesion.
If there is no adhesion, in the worst case you will break the hotend. Or your coating is torn out?
All in all, you waste material and time with a lack of adhesion and/or a defective coating.

The solution: The Blackprint magnet system

The Blackprint magnet system is a plug and play solution that is easy to set up and can be used with any 3D printer.
This is a permanent printing plate system with magnetic adhesion with a permanent service temperature of 110°C thanks to matched pair technology.
The Blackprint magnet system is flexible and can be reground at any time (attention: respiratory protection!) to guarantee the best adhesion.

Advantages of the Blackprint magnet system

  • Plug and play usable
  • Can be used continuously up to 110°C thanks to the matched pair
  • Real long-term pressure plate: can be resharpened when worn, using the enclosed sponge/fleece.

FAQ (frequently asked questions):

  • I have an uneven print bed. Does the Blackprint magnet system even out my bumps?

    In order to compensate for an uneven print bed, the print bed must be replaced in addition to the Blackprint magnet system.
    You can find all the components here:
    ""Accessories for your uneven print bed (click here)""

  • Do I need accessories for the Blackprint magnet system?

    The Blackprint magnet system is "plug and play". You only have to check if the glass plate is glued if the original heating bed is used.
    This is required for good flatness if no fine-milled print bed is used.
    You can find the right adhesive film for attaching the glass plate here:
    ""to the adhesive film (click here)""

  • Which cleaner can I use to clean the Blackprint magnet system?

    For the Blackprint magnet system we recommend Isopropanol 70% or 99% from Höfer Chemie, PrintaClean from Aprintapro. Glass cleaner also works without additives or acetone. You can find recommended cleaners here:
    ""Cleaner for your Blackprint magnet system (click here)"" .

  • Which bed leveling sensor works on the Blackprint magnet system?

    Basically any tactile sensor. Tactile means groping. Piezo systems as well as BL Touch systems and modifications of a BL Touch Bed Leveling Sensor can be used.

  • How do I use the Blackprint magnet system if I have clamps on the print bed?

    Since we need a glass plate or fine milled aluminum plate for flatness under heat, we recommend gluing the glass accordingly and removing the clamps completely.

  • How is the Blackprint magnet system installed correctly?

    You can find the right assembly instructions here:
    "Assembly instructions for your Blackprint magnet system (click here)""


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